Toate Centrul de dealing

toate Centrul de dealing

Financial Markets Environment Overall Objective: The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to understand the functions performed by financial markets in the economy and to explain it different segments, their scope and instruments.

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Candidates will be able to understand the basic concepts of efficient markets and the impact of regulation and codes in financial markets. Referring to the life cycle of a typical financial market transaction, candidates will be able to explain its main phases. Foreign Exchange Overall Objective: The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to understand and to be able to explain basic foreign exchange rate quotations, their terminology, mechanics and the principal risks associated with FX spot and forward instruments.

Cui se adresează Prezentul modul poate fi utilizat de către orice persoană, dar şi de instituţii şi organizaţii profesionale, ca parte a instruirii formale oferite de acestea membrilor şi angajaţilor lor. Modulul este destinat în primul rând conducerii medii şi superioare, mai ales celor implicaţi în activităţi de achiziţionare, ofertare, vânzare şi marketing, proiectare, management de proiect, administrarea cererilor, management comercial, management financiar,  departamente de supraveghere a activităţii şi respectarea legislaţiei, cât  şi de audit intern.

At the end of this section, candidates will be able to define the relationship between forward rates and interest rates, explain the use of FX outright forwards for foreign currency risk management and toate Centrul de dealing use of FX swaps in rolling spot positions, hedging FX outright forwards, and in creating synthetic foreign currency assets and liabilities.

Candidates will be required to perform basic calculations for FX market instruments. The candidates will be able to describe NDFs and, explain their rationale.

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Rates Overall Objective: The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to understand the principles of the time value of money, the function of the interest rates markets, the characteristics of the main types of money market instruments and interest rate capital markets instruments, as well as how they satisfy the requirements of different types of borrowers and lenders.

Candidates will need to be able to calculate short-term interest rates and to perform standard calculations using quoted prices. Candidates will understand the basic characteristics and applications of a forward curve and of a yield curve and will be required to calculate them.

At the end of this topic candidates need to be able to understand and outline the main features of bonds, particularly how they can be structured, priced and used as a key element in repo markets.

Given the greater inherent complexity of repo instruments, candidates are required to be able to explain and calculate repo instruments issues and problems.

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FICC Derivatives Overall Objective: The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to understand how derivatives work and their function in financial markets.

Candidates will be able to describe the mechanics of currency derivatives, how to use them and the fundamentals of currency options.

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Candidates will be able to identify basic currency option products and understand their purpose. Candidates will be able to describe the mechanics of interest rate derivatives, how to use them and the fundamentals of interest rate options. Candidates will be able to identify basic interest rate option products and understand their purpose. The candidates need to be able to perform basic calculations referring to the derivatives products toate Centrul de dealing in the Syllabus.

Candidates are expected to outline the methods and procedures needed to measure and manage these risk types.


Candidates will be required to outline the framework for Asset and Liability Management as an integrated balance sheet and risk management concept and to understand the importance of the Basel Accords for risk management issues. A few of the modules require calculations. It is crucial that participants bring a calculator, preferably one they can use at the exam, as of day one, in order to gain confidence with it, which will increase the odds of a positive result at the exam [1].

During the classes the trainer will assist the participants in the use of this calculator. Should you encounter difficulties in getting one, please get in touch with RBI or the trainer. The goal is to best prepare for the examination.

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His work there covered trading Money Market instruments and using a variety of off-balance sheet instruments. At a later stage, he created and coordinated a sales team covering FX, Money Market and Fixed Income products dedicated to servicing Central Banks worldwide.

Appointments Internal Medicine Internal medicine is one of the most extensive and complex branches of medicine. It is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal organ disorders in adults cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, liver, kidney, urogenital, metabolic diseases, etc. Internal medicine specialists with extensive work profile, who have the competence to diagnose early certain conditions and to solve complex diagnostic problems and to monitor severe chronic diseases and polypathology conditions. The internist fully evaluates patients, being responsible for the diagnosis and therapy of many diseases and perform regular health check assessments. The internist also deals with the diagnosis of co-morbidities, indicating the necessary specialized consultations.

Sincehe is the founder of M. Financial Training and Consultancy, offering in-house and open enrolment trainings on financial market products. In addition to training in the Netherlands, he has also been active in Luxembourg in cooperation with Thomson Reuters and in Romania in cooperation with ACI Romania for several years.

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Since he is also trainer at the Investment Academy specifically for the ACI suit of certification. A dedicated and enthusiastic lecturer, his trainings are practical and interactive, and include computer simulations of real-life work situations, thus enabling his students to have immediate practical application of their newly gained knowledge.

All of the ACI exams are in English and computer based.

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There are limited examination recenzii de investiții online available for the RBI examination center. Therefore, enrolment for the RBI exam center is on first-come first-served basis.