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Background[ edit ] Prior to eliberarea jetoanelor coming of World War I in the summer ofonly two countries, Mexico and the Philippinesmade use of a general sales tax for national finance. As unemployment skyrocketed, income tax revenue plummeted and defaults on property taxes spiked.

eliberarea jetoanelor

Meanwhile, calls for state spending on relief measures for the indigent and the unemployed expanded beyond the states' capabilities. Collectibility[ edit ] A number of states issued colorful plastic tax tokens made in quantities running into hundreds of millions.

eliberarea jetoanelor

The denominations on the token are numbers of "mills" tenths of one cent. Square-shaped Illinois sales tax token Tax tokens were issued in a variety of materials, including cardboard, brass, bronze, aluminum, pressed cotton fiber, and plastic.

eliberarea jetoanelor

The number of types issued is counted in the hundreds, with mintages of some of these types ranging upwards into the tens of millions.

Consequently, tax tokens are regarded by numismatists as ubiquitous and often are of comparatively little value.

eliberarea jetoanelor

On the other hand, certain types and varieties are extremely rare, with as few as one specimen known. In collectors of sales tax tokens founded an organization called the American Tax Token Societywhich has published a quarterly newsletter continuously since its foundation.

Catalogs[ edit ] In addition to a number of early check-lists of available tokens, there have been two eliberarea jetoanelor catalogs published for collectors of sales tax tokens.

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Pfefferkorn and Jerry F. Schimmel, was published in with a press run of just copies. Malehorn and Tim Davenport.

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Historical coverage in this latter book was supplemented in with the publication of Monte Dean's Sales Tax Tokens and Scrip: Histories, a massive one million word tome reproducing nearly 3, newspaper articles and monograph excerpts. Monte C. New York: Emil DiBella, Chester M. Amherst, NY: Scorpion Publishers, Jerry F. Schimmel, U.

State Issued Sales Tax Tokens.

eliberarea jetoanelor

Schimmel, Sales Tax Tokens: Prices. Schimmel, n. Master's thesis.

eliberarea jetoanelor

American University,