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Matveyev and Yakushenko are, as their Western nom de plume suggests, actual residents of Siberia.

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They met in while studying at the Irkutsk Art Academy. At their debut concert in Novosibirsk, they won the festival's award for "Best Original Artists," an honor which nearly got them expelled from school for sullying their stern classical training by performing Jazz and Rock music.

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As White Fort, the duo released nine studio albums in their native country between andincluding the score for a ballet, and soundtracks for Russian television and film. They toured extensively in Russia and were featured at many major festivals.

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Inplaying for vodka shots at the opening of an exclusive photography exhibit in Moscow, White Fort captured the attention of an American music producer, who casually suggested he'd like to see them make a recording back in the United States.

The noncommittal nature of this chitchat was fortul cont demo site- ul oficial lost in translation, as the next time this producer saw the duo, they had just arrived at JFK Airport, "ready to pursue their version of the American dream.

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Studio executives refused to believe that two ragamuffins from "out of nowhere" could possibly sell demo CDs in a single performance at New York City's Times Square. After a series of adventures involving a whirlwind national club tour, expiring green cards, lonely musicians missing their wives and children back in the Old Country, and meteorites, Two Siberians financed and produced their first Western LP, Out of Nowhere.

A number of well-known jazz musicians contributed to individual songs on the album, including Michael Brecker tenor saxDon Byron clarinetand Richard Bona bass.

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The duo split up in and pursued various solo projects for several years. In April,they reunited again on stage in Moscow.

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They returned to the United States the following autumn and toured the west coast. While in Seattle, Washington, the duo performed a recording session at Electrokitty, though a new release has not yet been announced.

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